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We will be starting to publish information on each computer in the Spring semester of 2016

Including our newest addition, a 1936 Analog Computer (the RangeKeeper) that
controlled the big guns on the USS St. Louis. The St. Louis was the first ship
to make it out of Pearl Harbor on December 7 1941!

Below is a list of the analog computers in our collection.
  1. AMF Educational Computer
  2. Beckman ElectroComp
  3. Beckman Solid State Fuel Cost
  4. Calculo Analog Computer
  5. CES Ed-Lab 650
  6. Donner 3500
  7. Electronic Associates TR-10
  8. Electronic Associates TR-10 Model II
  9. Electronic Associates TR-20
  10. Electronic Associates TR-48
  11. Electronic Associates TR-48
  12. Electronic Associates Model 180
  13. General Electric EF-140
  14. Heathkit EC-1 (factory assembled by Heath)
  15. Heathkit EC-1 (factory assembled by Heath)
  16. Heathkit EC-1 (kit)
  17. Heathkit EC-1 (kit)
  18. MAC-1 Mini Analog Computer
  19. LAN Electronics Analogue Computer
  20. (Pastoriza) Personal Analog Computer
  21. Range Keeper Mechanical Analog Computer PRE-WWII
  22. Sargent-Welch Scientific Company Cat. No.7528 Analog Computer
  23. Systron-Donner 3500
  24. Telefunken RAT 700
  25. Welch Scientific Company Cat. No.7528 Analog Computer

Not Analog, but very old!

  1. 1834: Series of articles from the Edinburgh Review on the Babbage Difference Engine
  2. 1889: An article by Herman Hollerith describing his Electric Tabulating System
  3. 1892: A wooden salesmen's model of the Electric Tabulating System
image of the AMF Analog Computer
American Machine & Foundry (AMF)
Model 665/D Educational Computer
image of the LAN Analog Computer
A rare LAN-ALOG Analogue Computer
made in Slough, England

image of the Donner Analog Computer
Donner Model 3500
(before merger with Systron)

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