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image of the Donner 3500
Donner Scientific, Model 3500

image of the Beckman Analog Computer
Beckman computer, built into a
briefcase and used to monitor
home heating loss

Analog Computer Links

Analog Computer Museum Doug Coward's website is a massive treasure-trove of documents and pictures related to analog computers. Not only that, but Doug is a very helpful and very nice guy!!

The Smithsonian Museum Located in Washington, D.C. it lists 10 analog computers in its collection and over 150 cubic feet of documentation.

The Computer History Museum Located in Mountain View, California has approximately 12 analog computers, extensive documentation and several oral histories dealing with analog computers.

The Universiteit van Amsterdam Computer Museum Located in the Amsterdam, Netherlands the university has 11 analog computers including a beautiful working EAI 680 (made in New Jersey!). Click here for their inventory list of analogs.

The Universitat Stuttgart Computermuseum Located in Stuttgart, Germany this collection of Analogrechner (analog computers) is run by the Computer Science faculty and lists 7 computers. (It may be 6, I cannot tell if the Donner 3500 is an ad they have or an actual computer.)

Das Analogrechnermuseum This extensive collection, located in Frankfurt, Germany was put together by Bernd Ulmann and consists of 27 analog computers. Bernd has an amazing number of working analog computers that he has restored. His collection includes a beautiful EAI 2000! This collection may be the largest collection of analog computers in the world. English Version

The National Museum of Computing (United Kingdom) Located in Bletchley Park, England the British national museum has 4 analogue computers including a very rare Solatron Minispace analog. Click here for an inventory list of their analog machines.

FWT UNESCO Computer Museum Located in Padova, Italy the museum is also known as the "Museo Didattico di Storia dell'Informatica". (FWT stand for "Friends of the World Treasures".) They list 3 analog computers in their collection including a EAI TR-48.

Powerhouse Museum of Science+Design Located in Sydney, Australia the museum lists 4 analog computers in its collection including twin EAI-180's. Click here for an inventory list of their analog machines.

DVQ located in Santa Cruz, California this product design company also houses a collection of about 7 analog computers including a "Digiac 3010" and an unusual "EAI Miniac" (You'll have to be patient and search a bit since the analogs are not placed together on the page). They also have a very nice collection of magazine ads and brochures arranged by year.

The DigiBarn, located in Northern California houses a TR-48 analog computer.

Other Resources

The Colossus Rebuild Located in Bletchley Park, Tony Sales and many knowledgeable volunteers are fine tuning their rebuilt Colossus computer.

Early Computers Our partner collection includes over 150 personal computers made before 1981.

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