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Analog Computer Museum Rescue Project

Help us Rescue these disappearing computers
Our collection is currently housed at West Chester University which gives us the opportunity to study, care for, and house these valuable artifacts. We believe it is important for the younger generations so see and study these computers and you can help us provide them with valuable learning experiences. The collection is in West Chester, PA.

We are always open to receiving computers, peripheral devices (such as plotters or paper tape drives) and publications.

Please contact us if you know of an analog computer that is
  1. being discarded
  2. sitting in an basement gathering dust
  3. forgotten in the back of some lab
  4. or just needs a good home
We acknowledege all donations with a permanent plaque displayed next to the computer.

Contact us at rescue@AnalogComputerMuseum.org

image of the Donner patchcords
Patchcords were used to program
many analog computers

image of a Heath graphic recorder
This type of graph recorder was often
used to report analog data

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